NUC or Next Unit of Computing is a typical Central Processing Unit (CPU) and almost all the primary functions of a usual Desktop computer. The only difference between the ordinary CPU and NUC is that the size of the NUC is only 4x4 square total size.

Advantages of NUC

1. A Tiny Product

When an ordinary PC needs at least 2 square feet of space, NUC requires hardly any room to keep. NUC could easily hang behind the monitor.

2. Reduce the energy consumption drastically

NUC consumes only a fraction of the energy compared to a regular PC, as NUC is built with energy-saving materials.

3. More time backup for UPS

As the NUC only uses a few amounts of energy, it could give a long-term backup for use up to 3 to 4 times more than a desktop computer.

4. Light-weight and Easy to carry

As NUC could hold in a palm, it is a handy product for those who prefer to switch between work-from-home and office. Since it is inbuilt with an HDMI port, the TV could be used as a monitor with a WIFI keyboard and mouse to control remotely.

5. Customized design is available

Since various NUC models of NUCs is available, customers can buy them according to their requirements. The available processors of NUCs are Intel Celeron dual-core, Pentium cot-core, core-i3, core-i5, and Core- i7. In addition to that, RAM and storage space could be enlarged.

6. Inbuilt with WIFI and Bluetooth

NUCs are inbuilt with WIFI and Bluetooth, which enable seamless connectivity, network, and data sharing, which is not possible on a regular PC.

7. Trust and three years warranty

As this NUC is an Intel product which is one of the trusted companies in the world, there is no scope for apprehension regarding the quality of the product. Along with that, it comes with a three years warranty.

Sanvir Technologies has been vigorously promoting the sales of NUC for six years across Kerala. We have sold in various colleges and offices and have received positive feedback regarding the value of NUC. They reduce electricity consumption while maintaining the functions of a PC. We provide Interactive digital display and Laptop servicing .