Sanvir Technologies is one of the pioneers in High level repair services for Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, Servers and Projectors.

Sanvir Technologies have well Qualified, Experienced and Certified Engineers who can Repair/Service any kind of problems.

Our customer services team is specially focused to elicit customer delight and is capable of quality handling of customers.

Our values in service are Promptness, Affordability and Honesty.

Our Specialties

Systematic service call management system based on ITIL standards

Update within 48 hours of logging the service call.

A trained and well experienced engineering team

A Front-end team which is customer centric

An infrastructure which is based on technology and innovation

We have ample stock of genuine spares.

30days warranty for service

Chip level services

Is your Laptop slow?

Do your laptop have overheating issues?

Did you spill tea/water on your Laptop?

Does your laptop have a damaged LCD screen or the hard drive?

Does your laptop have a broken body?

Don't worry, we can fix it!

We provide chip level services for all laptop brands after their warranty period.  We have good expertise in chip level repair of laptops. This will  reduce the repair cost very much, by avoiding the need for replacement of costly electronic boards. We have good expertise and knowledge to support any of your laptop service requirements. All problems like common issues with keyboard, display, battery, adapter , motherboard, hinges,  body and operating system  are addressed here.

Upgrade services

Many times, it is observed that we are not able utilize the full capabilities of our laptop due to many reasons. Most of the customers are not happy with current performance of their laptops. So, to bring out the real capabilities and efficiency levels of the laptops, component and software upgrades can play a vital role.   We provide upgrade services to your laptop which can enhance its speed, performance and efficiency to an all new level. Our team will inspect the laptop and suggest you with the best possible upgrade option to give the optimum results. Our upgrade services are very popular among our customers.

Sanvir Full Service (SFS)

All laptops and desktops require regular services. By doing so we can extend the life of your laptop by preventing any critical problem or breakdown. Regular service will also reduce the increased temperature levels also. It can bring back the original performance and speed. Sanvir Technologies has recently introduced a unique preventive maintenance program for laptops called SFS. This program is a onetime service to be done in every 1year. SFS means complete service of laptop with replacement of degraded elements and replacement of spares if required. Also we will calibrate and maintain the speed, temperature and performance to the optimum level.

Genuine spare parts are available with good prices.  We have thousands of happy customers in Kerala and outside to stand testimony to our expertise and customer friendly approach.

Projector repairs

We are experts in the repair of all major brands and models of LCD and DLP projectors, which are out of warranty period. We repair all kind of problems in projectors like Overheating, display issues, power issues etc.  Common problems we repair in projectors are as follows.

  • Image issues-color dim, spots, no input, color patches
  • The lamp not working, lamp faulty, lamp error
  • Projector not powering on / turns off immediately or after some time
  • DMD Chip issues
  • Mainboard, power supply or Lamp ballast problems
  • Overheating, Temperature errors, fan errors

We inspect your projectors and will give you an estimate for repair. After your approval we will proceed with service.  We fully test the projector before the delivery of the projector to you. This will make sure that your product is fit and working well. We have good expertise in chip level repair of projectors and so can reduce the repair cost very much, by avoiding the need for replacement of costly electronic boards. We have the best equipment and expertise to repair all problems in Projectors.  We also have good stock of   genuine spares of major models.

Servers and desktop repairs

We give service support to all server models which are out of warranty. A critical equipment like a server require periodical and break down service after warranty period. We give expert Service support servers. We have chip level service support for server motherboards and other electronic boards. The server motherboards costs are high. So, by doing chip level repair in server motherboards we can reduce customer’s cost towards the maintenance of their critical servers. We also have good spare availability of most of the spares for major models of servers, which can really reduce the downtime. We also give annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for servers. Customers can contact us for comprehensive or service only maintenance contracts in yearly basis.

Request you to register the call by calling our customer service agent or by walk-in into our service center for any of the above services.