Sanvir Technologies is a pioneering repair centre for Laptops Thrissur and projector. We are in this business for the last 10 years. Our happy customers are the reason we are in this business.

We repair all brands of laptops which are in the market like Apple, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo etc. Laptops are commonly used for various purposes. And laptops become faulty and defective due various factors.

Failures happen inherently to different laptop components like motherboard, Display, keyboard, frame, etc, because of electronic or mechanical failures

This could be because of product quality, aging, wear & tear. Failures of laptop components also happen because of external factors like humidity levels, variations Power supply, Dust and handling.

Let us see how to prevent or reduce problems.

1) Quality of the product

Always try to buy laptop which is good quality and which the suits the specific requirement. Laptops for Commercial and industrial uses should be of that quality and performance which a normal a normal laptop cannot give.

2) Environment

Always keep and use laptops in good environment. Proximity to water or humidity can easily damage the electronic parts of a laptop. So always keep laptop dry. When transporting in the rainy season use adequate covers.

3) Power supply

irregular or Hikes in power supply can damage adapters and; laptops. We need to take care of the power quality to laptop. Power supply without proper earthing is also not good for laptops

4) Handling

Always take care when we handle laptops. Use a good backpack or side bag which is specially designed to carry laptop. And take care to prevent laptop from falling down.

5) Regular Service

It is mandatory to do a service at least once in a year. This will remove dust and clean the laptop. Also need to replace the thermal pads and thermal solution to ensure dissipation of heat.

If we take care can ensure good life and performance from our Laptop shops in Thrissur else we will loose money and time for the repairs and replacements

And in case of failures don’t hesitate to go to good Laptop servicing centres for expert support.

You may contact Sanvir Technologies for any of your laptop problems.