Every monsoon and rains brings joy and delight to farmers and nature. As the humidity is high and as there more probability for accidents, During rainy season, it is no so good for electronic products like a laptop. Therefore, the users have to be extremely careful with their laptops in the rainy season than any other time. Hence, this blog is trying to give a few insights to the reader regarding ways to keep laptops safe and secure during the rainy season.

1) Use a waterproof Bag

Using a waterproof bag could help prevent damage to a great extent. Waterproof bags will have a plastic coating around their surface that can block direct water entry. In addition to that, one should not forget to close the zip once it is opened.

2) Use silica gel in the bag

Another effective method to get rid of moisture content from the bag where the laptop is kept is to use a packet of silica gel. The silica gel could absorb the moisture content in the bag and reduce the probability of issues related humidity.

3) Never keep the laptop near windows

People would like to work close to a window, even when using laptops. And there may be heavy rain with a wind that might cause your laptop to get drenched. Hence one should be careful while using a computer close to widows, especially during the rainy season

4) Unplug connections

During the wet season, thunderstorms are common, so there are probability of lightening and heavy power fluctuations. This can damage the laptop and its internal parts if it is kept plugged during lighting. So extreme care should be taken during rainy season and should make sure to unplug power cord during power fluctuations and lightening.

5) If wet, take immediate action

If at all, your laptop gets wet by accident, remove the battery and dry it immediately using a dryer. And never try to switch on again and take to the nearest service centre at the earliest. A trained technician might be able to save your system if it reaches there immediately.

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