"Old is Gold," but not in the case of an electronic product that undergoes wear and tear as time pass. So is the case with Personal computers (PC) or laptops, which can become slow due to various reasons such as clogging of dust, obsolete software, or by virus attacks. Even though the processor is the ultimate factor that decides the performance of a PC, there are other factors that cause the performance of a laptop or computer. Here are the few tips to improve the performance.


Most manufacturers use Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to run the operating system as they are cheaper. However, the latest technology to store data is Solid State Drives (SSD), which can run ten times faster than conventional HDD.

2) Open only needed the programs

When number programs are opened at a time, it may reduce the system's performance. One can click 'ctrl+shift+esc' together and see how much space and memory each program use. Apart from that, Windows 10 users can limit which all applications should run in the background and speed up the PC.

3) Clean up both Hardware and Software

As time pass, it is natural to heap up unnecessary software and temporary files, which could make the system slower. Therefore, the users can use the Disk clean-up option from the search box on the taskbar. Moreover, the laptop should be serviced once in a year in a good laptop service centre; if not, it might be clogged with dust which could block the airflow and lead to overheating.

4) Use Anti-Virus

There are instances where virus attacks can lag the PC. The bugs can consume a considerable amount of computer space that would reduce the memory of vital applications. The only remedy to tackle malware attacks is to install a good Anti-Virus software.

5) Update Windows and Device drivers

Windows regularly introduce updates to its operating system to increase the overall performance and shorten the booting time. Other device drivers' updates are meant for seamless performance. Consequently, it is well-advised that users should be up to date with recent updates.

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