Laptops and desktop computers have become an integral part of our everyday life. Both for official and personal purposes, people are using these.

However, it is always possible that the laptops or desktop computers become faulty over time or require periodic maintenance or upgrades to meet changing requirements. Here comes the relevance of a good service centre that can help meet the needs and solve problems of ordinary customers.

But how can we find a suitable service centre to repair your valued laptop and desktop?

In this blog, we have try to compile some tips that could be useful to you in finding a good service centre nearby.

1) Experience and expertise

Long years of successful existence in a very competitive & demanding field like computer service centres show the quality, trust & the knowledge they hold in this field. The service centres that do high-level repairs on computer and laptop boards, which require good expertise, are less in the market. Significantly, the Logical board circuits in a computer are so complex that only engineers with good knowledge can find and resolve the glitches. The audience could obtain information from company websites, social media pages and related sources.

2) Popularity and ratings

Any company has the option to become famous by paid promotion. However, wise customers should be misguided by blindly following only the advertisements. Instead, they must do some homework by surfing Google, social media page reviews and ratings. Moreover, it would help to inquire with your friends and relatives who already have similar requirements.

3) Trustworthiness and Credibility

We need to visit the service centre and talk to the support team before giving anything for service. Through a visit to the Centre, we can verify the company's facilities through their promotions.

Also, we should check whether a firm is legally registered and licenced by the local administration and the GST department. Few service centres are run by fly-by-night operators who look for quick money and cheat customers without a proper licence and legal credentials.

4) Warranty for the service

Many service centres give warranty for the spares used and the work they have done. If a service centre provides security for their service, it shows their confidence in their work and trustworthiness. A warranty for at least three months is an appreciable period where the clients have ample time to check and verify the quality of service.

5) High-level repair capability

Centres with high-level repair facilities could be preferred by the customer when they choose a company to repair computers and laptops. Because, if the computer or laptop has any problems that require various modern, sophisticated machines to resolve it, it would be available only in high-level repair centres. And also, Laptop Repairing Services in Thrissur should have ample stock of genuine spares in case they need to change any parts.

Sanvir Technologies, in this regard, comes as a name you can trust and depend on, as we have been working here since 2012. We are successfully catering to the requirements of our customers by creating lasting relationships. Most of our clients who come for our service are through word of mouth, not through any paid advertisement. That shows the trust that we have built throughout these years.

Highlights of Sanvir service

  • 90 days warranty for service
  • A trained and well-experienced engineering team
  • An infrastructure that is based on technology and innovation
  • Ample stock of genuine spares.
  • Service Updates within 48 hours of logging the service call.
  • Systematic service and call management system based on ITIL standards

Apart from high-level repair of laptops, desktops, projectors and servers, we also have Laptops and desktop sales in Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, and Ernakulum Districts.