Even though laptops are compact enough to carry wherever the users travel, they are flexible enough to run the necessary software. However, buyers are confused about picking the right one because there are multiple options to select. Like desktop laptops also come up with various options from entry-level to high-end variants for gaming and editing. Most of the time, all have some idea about which is a good brand laptop while its specification makes the customers confused buy.

This blog tries to explain some of the features one should look into when buying a brand new laptop.

1) The size of the Laptop

Currently, laptop size starts from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches on the market. Therefore, it depends on the user's need to buy a suitable screen size. Those who often make travel should consider a small size that would be not only thin but also lightweight. For office use, 17 inches should be considered.

2) Display

These displays also come with a screen touch option which might be costlier when compared to the standard screen. Those looking for a budget-friendly laptop would have only a standard screen. And someone into video editing will have to opt for a high-resolution display like OLED panels.

3) Laptop Specifications

The most important internal specifications of a computer are Processor, Memory, Storage, and Graphics. If the user is not a heavy user, it is not a viable option to purchase high-end processors from Intel or AMD. In the case of RAM, 4GB would be sufficient for light use. There are two options available for storage: Hard Disk Drive (HHD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). Even though SSD is costlier than HHD, SSD has become popular due to its reliability and durability. Those who are not into gaming or video editing graphics are not to be considered.

4) Battery Life

The primary reason people decide to buy a laptop is because of its mobility and battery backup. The user could only use a laptop as a desktop without a decent battery backup. Hence, the buyer should look for a battery capacity to last at least 5 to 8 hours.

5) Input/Output Ports

Input-output ports are necessary to speed up the transfer of data. Make sure that your Laptop has sufficient ports for your basic needs; otherwise, you will have to buy extra cables and converters and carry them.

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